Shawn Stipich wrestled professionally for both WWE and WCW in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  He is a second-generation wrestler as his father was former WWWE (predecessor to the current WWE) world heavyweight champion, Stan “The Man” Stasiak.

After Shawn left the full-time wrestling circuit he came to Dallas and became a chiropractor.  While still a full-time chiropractor he still has the family trait of being in front of a crowd.  He also is working on a superhero character to help kids face their fears called “Fobia” and he also is working on a motivational speaking career to help those who want to overcome some of life’s more difficult challenges.

Here are a bunch of resources and videos about Doctor Shawn Stipich, D.C.

Unique Charitable Causes In DFW

One of the easiest ways to ask for charitable donations is for when there are situations dealing with those who are helpless such as those suffering from vicious illnesses, disabled veterans who served their country honorably, or children in terrible situations.  It is very easy to understand that people in these situations have very low odds of succeeding (although it can happen), and the natural instinct in charitable people is to help those in need who are experiencing those scenarios.

It is tougher to ask for money when dealing with people who are older and not facing any specific injury or illness.  Nonetheless there are situations when such people truly need some form of help.  One such scenario is helping teenagers who are soon to be “aged out” of foster care.  What happens is that when a kid turns 18, he/she is now deemed to be an adult; and often children who have been in and out of many foster homes often end up homeless or make terrible decisions.

One unique organization serves the Dallas area, as well as national and international areas, with boosting awareness and finding mentors for such students.  It was started by Oran Ben Carroll and Dee Carroll, and their history for their organization is here.

A recent luncheon in Dallas explained the situation further, and some of the stories are heart wrenching.  Many of the mentors were able to attend the event and they told stories of how they offer advice, encouragement, and support for these kids nearing the “aging out” phase.  By pairing the students up with mentors who enjoy serving the community, many of these students are able to get into college and start leadership roles.

Most of the students have social skill deficiencies as they never had a “real home” for most of their 18 years by the time they leave the foster care system.  Over time, by working with caring mentors and the group’s leadership, it is possible to help “change the game” in DFW, Texas and around the country by preventing kids from “falling through the cracks” and making poor decisions in their young adulthood.

Changing The Plumbing Business When There Is Lots Of Competition

One of the toughest things to do is change the business model of a high-competition local business such as plumbing.  In Dallas Fort Worth, there are thousands of licensed plumbers (all certifications) in the State of Texas.  With so much competition, how does one differentiate and alter the business model?

This is not an easy question!

One of the attempts for such a situation is being attempted by James and his plumbing company.  Some of the methods include:

  • Enhanced online marketing using pay per click, search engines, review websites, mobile-friendly advertising, Facebook geo-targeted advertising, YouTube video syndication and much more
  • Content marketing such as tips, resources and more
  • Changing the incentive structure for his employees to work on a commission structure instead of just by the hour
  • Emphasizing guarantees on certain parts which others have not yet done in his industry
  • Expanding his geographic reach by marketing within specific towns that are not where his office is located
  • Other techniques to differentiate himself

As you can see, this isn’t easy…. especially if he has to do some of the plumbing work on occasion as well!  Balancing all of that, while still remaining compliant with the State is a tough balancing act; but it can be done.  The effort to differentiate and earn trust among local residents, both who are longtime residents as well as newcomers, is worth the pursuit.

Once he gains more tangible successes then those may be added to this site.

Enhancing Uses For GPS With Antenna Technology

Parsec Technologies is a “fabless” semi-conductor company in Plano.  What they are doing which is interesting is to find new uses and applications for antenna designs – in particular with GPS technology.  Michael runs the company and he recently spoke at a trade booth to GPS World at the CTIA 2014 conference:

He discusses new technology that we all may be using in upcoming years, especially “wearable” antenna devices built into clothing.  Such technology could be used in children’s clothing so parents can monitor where their kids are if playing with friends around the neighborhood, etc.  The technology also can be woven into clothing for VIP’s and their loved ones so if a kidnapping were to occur, and the person’s phone were thrown away before driving off, then the clothing still could be used to help find the missing person.  Again, the applications can be significant depending on what is needed and cost-effectiveness.

Financing Ranch Sales

One of the unique niches of real estate which has transactions everyday is the ranch/rural/agricultural subset.  This niche, which has transactions everyday, requires a different approach than the person selling regular single-family homes, small commercial strip centers, or small apartment buildings.

The reasons why vary, but they can include:

  • dealing with oil, mineral, and water rights on the property and who owns what
  • if it is a cattle ranch, then understanding rainfall and how many head of cattle can be supported is a factor when helping a client buy or sell a property
  • dealing with and securing electricity, water, and other power sources (usually assumed in a regular real estate transaction) come into play here
  • many of the properties have more than one structure on them
  • insurance costs vary depending on the type of property and its intended use
  • government and state subsidies come into play when regarding the valuation of a property
  • sometimes properties come with farm equipment such as tractors or other heavy machinery; and these usually have to have independent equipment appraisals to factor into the property value


Unlike regular real estate transactions, however, experts in ranch and farm sales also have to deal with a subset of real estate financing called 1031 exchanges.  This is where someone who is selling a property has an opportunity to purchase one of roughly equal value within a designated time period to offset tax liabilities.

This subset of real estate financing requires expertise:  both in terms of study and real world experience.  One such broker, based in McKinney, understands what it takes to help clients on either side of the property transaction.  There are some intricate details to account for, so having someone who understands and can work with the buyer’s (or seller’s) tax professional team can be valuable in order to help the transaction go smoothly.


Three Reasons To Consider Purchasing Designer Eyeglasses And Frames

If you wear eyeglasses, and are looking for a change in your frames or styles, then you may wish to take a few minutes and consider the options for designer eyewear. There are three primary reasons to consider doing so. Each may be of benefit to you in some manner.

First, is the potential for increase in durability. Even though the “designer” aspect makes one think about fashion – instead of functionality – today’s designer eyeglasses tend to be more durable than in previous years. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your glasses are, there always is the risk of them falling or otherwise being broken. Additionally, the risks are always there for your frames to become bent, scratched or otherwise damaged. The newer design styles have started to incorporate materials and manufacturing processes which help maintain the sturdiness of the overall eyewear.

Next is the increase in functionality. With advances in lens technology, your glasses now can react well in the sun or in high-glare situations such as when driving. Certain designer eyewear also can be customized for your specific needs such as functionality when on the job and in different forms of light (incandescent versus fluorescent). Additionally, if you participate in athletic activities but cannot wear contacts, then certain designer eyewear may accommodate your needs. This is particularly true if you play an outdoor sport where the activity continues from the afternoon lighting to sunset into the dark, which requires stadium/field lighting. Talk with your optometrist about your particular needs.

Finally, there is the main element of fashion. This is where many people can differentiate their personal styles with new eyewear. While there always have been virtually limitless ways to change one’s clothing and accessories (jewelry, watches, shoes, etc.) there didn’t used to be a wide variety of fashion for one’s vision. Since the recent advances in designer eyewear technology and styling, those who want to enhance their fashion sense can begin to explore choices that didn’t exist in years past. Even though you may enjoy the new range of styles, always talk with your optometrist to make sure that the fashion eyewear you want can handle lenses for your specific vision needs.

Hopefully you can understand the new ways that designer eyewear may be worth your time to investigate. Should you find styles and brands that you like then talk with your optometrist to make sure that your vision needs are met first, and then you hopefully will find styles that enhance your fashion for personal and professional reasons.  For more on designer lenses and frames in the Dallas area go here.

Helping People With Their Emotional Issues

One of the ladies in the area of Frisco, North Plano, The Colony, Little Elm and Prosper is working on a softer approach to helping people with their emotional challenges.  As a licensed counselor, she helps people with challenges such as:

  • ADHD (adults and kids)
  • Depression
  • Marriage and couples’ issues
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anger management challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Image issues

Most of us can agree that if such challenges were reduced significantly in the people who have them, how much more productive and powerful those people could become.  There is a significant amount of potential that doesn’t get utilized by these people during times when they are experiencing emotional problems like the ones mentioned.

She helps these people with a combination of one-on-one counseling, group counseling (when appropriate) and adjusts for people’s times.  What is of interest is the approach that unlike other professionals, she wants her clients to “graduate” and actually notice tangible progress pretty much from the outset of their private discussions.

Unlike others who have no problem keeping a client/patient paying by the hour for years, she has a true passion for helping people progress.  Her business model is to earn referrals, so if people make progress by seeing her then they likely will make recommendations and referrals to others who could use her services.

While this doesn’t sound like much of a “game changer”, many people in DFW complain that their therapists don’t really do much to help them improve rapidly.  Some even are seeing the business models of those professionals as being, ultimately, skewed against the best interests of the client/patient even though the client is the one paying (or insurance).  Such a business model is becoming deemed by more people as being “lazy” or the “pie is small and fixed” instead of one of abundance and providing tangible quality.  Again, this is not necessarily true; but that perception has been growing.

Her business model is among those which tend to be more in line with what is sought by the people who have become disgruntled at being prescribed tons of medicine, and possibly over-prescribed.  This opens up a whole new conversation, so be sure to find someone with whom you are comfortable and doesn’t race to medicine right away.  If medicine is being prescribed, discover whether or not the professional is getting a “kick back”.  If so, go elsewhere and get a second opinion.  It is your mental health and take the medicines if truly needed; but at least explore other options to help you (possibly) achieve the same outcomes.

Overcoming Fear Of The Neck Cracking

One of the North Dallas/Plano area chiropractors is attempting to help those needing spinal alignment help, but who are fearful of the “cracking” typically associated with chiropractic care.   He uses technology to help his patients, with the primary tool being a probe/wand system that gives the patient a visual before/after display of his/her adjustment.  The typical “cracking”, otherwise known as a manual spinal adjustment, may be required; but the “wand” (adjuster) accomplishes the same goal.

This is because the manual adjustments have been deemed necessary to overcome the body’s natural resistance to any sort of spinal manipulation.  The torque and force applied, which creates the “cracking” sound and feeling, are done to place the spine in the proper alignment at the vertebrae points which exhibit the problems.  The “wand”/adjuster, however, manipulates the vertebrae to be aligned properly without the manual torque needed.

Here is a video showing more about this:

Other forms of therapy for the desired pain relief (back pain, neck pain, sciatica, migraines, shoulder pain, etc.) by those living in Dallas, Plano, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch and nearby communities may require additional chiropractic technology.  Some of those methods include:

  • spinal decompression (see more here)
  • cold laser therapy
  • IST (inter-segmental traction)
  • licensed massage therapy (even pre-natal massage for women experiencing pain during pregnancy)
  • much more

All of this, of course, doesn’t exist in isolation.  As part of all forms of non-prescription medicine health improvements, you should always get professional medical counsel on these topics (and more):

  • your food consumption (quality, types, quantity, etc.)
  • any sort of nutritional supplementation (including vitamins)
  • passive exercise (walking or other light activity)
  • resistance exercise (e.g. weight training, bodyweight exercises, etc.)
  • removing your home and car of toxins
  • meditation or other relaxation methods
  • many other methods to improve your overall health and well-being

Financing Of Commercial Real Estate

One of the new ways to help finance certain types of commercial real estate projects is happening here in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Most of the current deals are funded in a way where the commercial property developer has to incur significant risks just to get the deal started.  Here are some of those risks:

  • having to secure at least 20% of the financing of the project’s costs, including possible budget overruns
  • needing to get the bank to approve financing for the other 80%
  • having to scramble and get equity partners
  • needing to stay on budget
  • paying for initial fees such as surveying, permits, etc.
  • once completed, the developer then needs to sell the property if not wanting to hold onto the property for the portfolio; and this means usually going through a property broker
  • the “holding costs” during the time the broker finds the buyer
  • any interest and carrying charges
  • having the developer’s personal credit tapped and risk of damage to his/her credit
  • tough for the developer to “scale” and have multiple projects going on simultaneously, even if for the same company such as a large franchise wanting to break into the North Texas market

These are some big risks, including the “missed opportunity” risk.

One small company in North Dallas actually has financing options available to the developers where the end business which will operate on the property is deemed to be a “Class A” or “Triple Net” caliber tenant.  Bruce has the ability to finance the project entirely should the end tenant’s financial strength be sufficient.   Most of the banks and developers look at the property’s cash flow options because none intends to be the long-term holder of the property.  Bruce, however, represents the ultimate end customer who wants the property.  The presumption is that a Class A tenant has selected quality properties which, over 15-20 years, will be deemed great investments from a commercial real estate perspective.  By dealing with the end customer from the outset, the developer benefits because his/her risk is mitigated – and likely will receive more money at the end should he/she come in under budget.

Different Fighting Style Approach

Many DFW fighting schools teach the traditional manner for that particular discipline.  That will include:

  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Karate
  • Tai Chi
  • Kung Fu
  • Kenpo
  • Jeet Kun Do
  • many more

One of the different ways that is being taught in DFW is an Eastern European boxing style.  Many of the world’s best pro boxers come from the Eastern European/Russian region, including the Klitschko brothers (one of whom is the reigning WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO world heavyweight champion).  The approach, mindset, disciplines, fighting styles/stances and more are different than most American-style boxing teachings.

One of the current Dallas boxing trainers has been teaching this for a while in the Irving/Las Colinas area.  Many of his fighters have gone on to win local, state and even national fights in recent years.  Since it is difficult to get some of the techniques taught, since many of the books and training videos have never been translated into English, he helps to bring some of those teachings to the U.S.

Here is one of his class example videos:

What makes this style different is an emphasis on basics, strategy, thinking and a comprehensive approach to training.  This often contrasts with the brawling style found in some American-style boxing training; and he forces his boxers to think instead of having to “dumb down” many of the concepts.  In a sport (and business) which can be ruthless and damaging (physically, financially, mentally/emotionally) it helps to be ahead of one’s competition by being able to out-think the opponent(s).

By blending this knowledge with MMA and other self-defense training, it can be a productive way to enhance one’s safety, fitness and confidence.

Upcoming Posts About Things Being Done In DFW

This website is going to have unique stories about people in DFW who are doing things already to change how things are traditionally done.  These are going to be about actions which have taken place that alter the current beliefs and how they may benefit your:

  • business
  • health
  • fitness activities
  • relationships
  • much more

Please feel free to contact us with your Dallas Fort Worth area stories about people attempting to make life better for those around them.  If we use your suggestion then please let us know how to give you credit.